Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Penguin Cupcakes Waddle Your Way - June 2008

I made these penguin cupcakes for Cara to celebrate her birthday in 3rd grade with her class at school.  She was going to be having an animal themed birthday party that summer, but she didn't really have an idea of what she wanted for her school cupcakes, besides that she wanted it to be an animal.  So we went on the Family Fun website, looked at some ideas, and this is what she picked.

Penguin Cupcakes - Close-up
Penguin Cupcakes 1
Penguin Cupcakes 2
Penguin Cupcakes - 2 Blue-Eyed Penguins Close-up
Penguin Cupcakes - 2 Green-Eyed Penguins Close-up
Penguin Cupcakes - 2 Brown-Eyed Penguins Close-up
I baked and cooled the cupcakes, then iced them with vanilla buttercream.  I used round chocolate covered chocolate mint cookies for the body and the head (like the Keebler Grasshopper Fudge Mint cookies).  For each penguin you will need 1 1/2 cookies (3 halves).  For the eyes I used a little of the vanilla buttercream icing to make two large dots on the head, and then I placed an M&M Mini on each dot.  I wanted to use all brown ones, but I ran out, so I used blue and green also.  The beak and the feet are dried apricots cut into the appropriate sized triangles.  You can put a small dot of icing under the beak to help it stick to the cookie. 

I thought these cupcakes turned out really cute, but they're also pretty simple to do.  Cara and her class really enjoyed them.
Andrea - Animated Name

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  1. Those are super adorable and they look yummy too! I am a new follower from the Creative Bloggers' Hop. Vicky @

  2. Vicky - Thanks, I heard they were yummy, but unfortunately didn't get to taste one myself. :) Thanks for following my blog! (I'm following your blog now too, it's really cute!)

  3. oh gosh, i want some. cupcakes? yes. penguins? heck yes! adorable


  4. Hi Andrea! Those penguin cupcakes are too cute! I know your daughter was thrilled! So glad you shared them at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  5. Jami - Thanks, glad you liked them. And thanks for hosting the party, it's great! :)



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