Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roses and Dragonflies - January 2007

I made this cake for my sister, Casandra's, birthday.  I asked her some of her favorite things and two things that she said that she likes was roses and dragonflies.

Roses and Dragonflies Cake

Roses Cake without the Dragonflies

Roses and Dragonflies Cake - Close-up of RosesRoses and Dragonflies Cake - Close-up of Dragonfly
The first picture is with the dragonflies, and the second picture is how it looked before I put the dragonflies on it.  The dragonflies were supposed to be on a piece of wire sticking out of the cake so they would look like they were flying up above the cake, but I made them too big and they were too heavy to work like it was supposed to.  So, they were just dragonflies that had landed.  :)

The roses and dragonflies are made of fondant.  The details on the dragonflies are painted on with food coloring.  The ball is made out of cake along with the cake underneath it and they are iced with buttercream.  The green vines and leaves going up to the roses are also buttercream icing.

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