Friday, October 2, 2009

Aloha, Piggy! - October 2005

So, I decided to throw my husband, Ronnie, a surprise luau themed birthday party. He had mentioned a couple months earlier that a luau type party would be fun to have sometime, so I decided why not do it for his birthday.  So, this is the luau pig cake I made for his birthday.

Roasted Pig Luau Cake 1
Roasted Pig Luau Cake 2
Roasted Pig Luau Cake 3
 For the cake I got it in my mind that I wanted it to be a 3D luau pig.  You have to have a pig at a luau, right.  :)  So I planned and figured out how I could do it, and after Ronnie went to work the day of the party I proceeded to assemble a little piggy.  This was the first real 3D cake I had done.  All of the pig is cake iced in buttercream.  I baked the cake in various pans and stuff to get the shapes I needed to piece together the piggy.  The ears, feet, and tail are cake that I cut off from one of the other cakes.  The apple is of course just a real apple, and then the flowers are one of those silk flower lei necklaces.  We decorated the house with Hawaiian style things, tiki torches, shell dishes, grass mats, etc.  My mom made a ham, we had pineapple, and other fresh fruit and goodies.  The pig was a fun way to make it feel even more like a luau.

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