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Gobble, Gobble, Gobble Up These Turkey Hand Cookies - November 2009

I made these turkey hand cookies as a little treat for Thanksgiving.  I saw the basic idea for them while watching Nick Jr on TV with the kiddos.  The first picture is of Our Turkey Family :) , Caleb, Carissa, and Cara up top and Ronnie and me underneath.  I only did one cookie each of mine and Ronnie's hands, so the rest of the cookies were just of the kids' hands.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Cookies - Turkey Family

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Cookies 1

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Cookies 2
I just used a store bought sugar cookie mix to make these cookies.  I think I used the Betty Crocker mix that comes in a little foil package kind of thing.  Whether you find a scratch recipe, get a mix from the store, or buy premade cookie dough, make sure you make or modify the recipe for cut-out cookies.  The one I bought had one recipe for drop cookies and told you how to  change it for cut-out cookies.  When I was mixing all the ingredients together I also added a little bit of brown food coloring to get the color for the turkeys. 

After the dough was ready I rolled it out onto my parchment paper.  I got another piece of parchment paper (you could use regular paper, wax paper, etc... whatever works) and traced each kids' hand.  Then I cut each paper hand out to use as my templates.  I placed the hands on the cookie dough and cut around them using a little paring knife.  I flipped the templates over every once in awhile so I could have some turkeys facing the opposite direction.  Then it was into the oven to bake.

After the cookies were done baking and completely cooled, I started to transform them into turkeys.  I tinted white buttercream icing with food coloring to make red, orange, and yellow.  I used that to pipe on the turkey feathers and the waddle that would be under the beak.  Then I attached a candy corn to the cookie with some icing for the beak, and I put a small dot of icing on the flat side of a mini chocolate chip to attach the turkey's eye.  So, there you have it, cute little turkey cookies.  The whole family really liked these special cookies, and the kids liked the fact that I traced their hands to make them.  When they ate the turkey cookies they wanted to find the ones that were 'their hand'.

We made yummy cookies and a fun memory at the same time.  :)
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  1. these are so cute! I am keeping these in mind for this november! Thanks for stoping by my blog, hope you had time to enter my giveaway. I am a new follower for you now too!

  2. Crystal - Thanks! :) They were fun to make! Thanks for stopping by and for following. :) I will have to go take a look at your giveaway!



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