Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Rose Cake by any Other Name Would Still Taste YUMMY! - August 2008

I made this rose cake for my mom for her birthday.  This was the original idea I had for her cake the year before when I decided to make her Scrabble cake instead (see the Triple Word Score for 'CAKE' post); so I was very excited to finally get to make this for her.  She loves roses, and is very good at growing and taking care of them.

3D Rose Cake 1
3D Rose Cake - Overhead View 1
3D Rose Cake 2
3D Rose Cake - Level Viw
3D Rose Cake 3
3D Rose Cake - Overhead View 2
3D Rose Cake 4
I started this cake by baking it in a ball pan.  I put a layer of buttercream icing over the whole cake (thicker than a crumb coat, but not as thick as a regular coat).

I rolled out some fondant I had tinted a color pink like one of her favorite roses and put it flat on the very top part of the cake.  This would give my fondant petals something stable to stick to at the beginning of constructing the rose.  I rolled out another thin piece of fondant and started with the middle curled petal of the rose.  I continued to layer my thin pieces of fondant around it to form the petals of the rose curling out the tops of the petals to give them that 'frilly' rose look.

I had intended on putting the green sepal 'leaves' at the base of the rose, but when I was running out of time I decided it looked fine without them.  Although I really like the way it turned out, looking back at it I wish I would've made the time to put them on as I think it would've just completed the look of the rose better [oh well, next time :) ].

My mom really loved the cake and thought it was just beautiful.  :)  I think my favorite view of the cake is looking down from the top.  It looks the most like a real rose that way.  :)


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  1. Definitely one of my favorites! So exquisite!

  2. Valerie - Thanks, that's really nice. :)

  3. I'm trying this! As I type, my ball pans are in the oven. I hope it comes out as nice as yours!

    1. Tina - Awesome! Thanks, I'm sure it will turn out beautifully! Good luck! :)



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