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Triple Word Score for 'CAKE' - August 2007

I made this Scrabble board cake for my mom's birthday.  I had a different idea in mind, but then I saw a Scrabble cake on Ace of Cakes, and I thought that would be perfect for my mom because she loves Scrabble (and other word games). So, I decided to put my other idea on hold because I had to make a Scrabble board for her.  :)  I had to sneak a look at her Scrabble game when I was at her house to see which edition she had and how it looked and everything. :)

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake 1

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - Overhead View 1

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - Close-up of SCRABBLE Tiles Title3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - Close-up of SCRABBLE on Side of Board

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake 2

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - Close-up of Score Sheet & Pencil

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - View of Tile Racks

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - Overhead View 2
I made the cake in a 15x15 square pan.  I tinted some vanilla buttercream icing maroon and iced the sides of the cake.  I rolled out a large piece of fondant to cover the top (with some help from Ronnie at the end :) ) and cut it to a square the size of the top of the cake.  I placed the fondant on the cake, smoothed it out, and cut the corners to match the rounded shape of the cake.

I figured out the dimensions for the board grid.  I wanted the size of everything to be the same as the actual game, and if it wasn't I wanted it to be as close as possible.  :)  I used an L-square ruler and a knife to lightly mark off the grid on the fondant.  I tinted fondant to make the appropriate colors for the bonus squares on the board and cut those out of the fondant; then I placed the bonus squares in their appropriate places on the grid.  Next, I took white buttercream icing and piped the lines of the grid.

I used fondant to make the white Scrabble title going down the side of the board and painted the letters and numbers on with black food coloring.  I also used black food coloring to paint 'Scrabble' (and the 4 dots) on the board around the grid.  The score sheet, pencil, letter tiles, and letter racks are all made with fondant and the details are painted on with black food coloring where necessary.  On the letter racks I placed the letters tiles to spell out 'WE LOVE' 'YOU LOTS'.  When we play Scrabble (or other games where we keep score on a score sheet) whoever wins gets a star in their column.  So, since it was my mom's birthday, she got the star (besides the fact that she usually wins Scrabble anyway :) ).

I made the same number of letter tiles that a regular Scrabble game has, so we could actually play a game of Scrabble with the cake.  So, my mom, two sisters, and I played a few rounds of Scrabble on the cake :) (see pictures below).  We put it on my cake turntable so the cake could turn just like my Mom's Scrabble board turns.  :)  It was fun.  My mom and Valerie tied.  :)  (I was going to make a little pouch out of fondant to put with the cake for the letters to go in, but I ran out of time. :) )

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - Playing a Few Rounds on the Scrabble Cake

3D Scrabble Board Game Cake - Our Scrabble Cake Board After Playing a Few Rounds
This is what our board looked like after a few rounds.  :)

Below are some pictures of the Scrabble cake next to my mom's Scrabble board.  :)
Real Scrabble Board next to Scrabble Board Cake 1

Real Scrabble Board next to Scrabble Board Cake 2



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