Monday, January 28, 2013

Rose Cake - September 2012

I made this rose cake for my mom for her birthday.  She loves roses, and I thought this type of cake was just beautiful when I saw it.

Purple Ombre Rose Cake 1

Purple Ombre Rose Cake 2

Purple Ombre Rose Cake - Close Up of Roses 1

Purple Ombre Rose Cake - Overhead View

Purple Ombre Rose Cake 3

Purple Ombre Rose Cake - Close Up of Roses 2

Purple Ombre Rose Cake - Close Up of Roses 3

Purple Ombre Rose Cake (Picture Taken With the Flash)
I usually don't end up using pictures of cakes that I've taken with the flash, but I thought it gave this rose cake a different pretty look, so I decided to include this one above.  :)

Purple Ombre Rose Cake 4
Blue Ombre Rose Cake 1
'What!' you say.  'Did she make another cake with blue roses?'
No, I did not... but this is what I woke up to the day of the party.
I noticed it when I brought the cake out to the car to go to the party.  At first I thought it was just the difference in the lighting (we have flourescent lights in the kitchen), but it seemed so different.  But we got to their house and... nope, still blue.

Blue Ombre Rose Cake 2
I had used my new airbrush food coloring to mix into the icing this time, so I thought maybe it had something to do with that.  Deep inside the rose petals you could see some purple if the light hit it right.  It was puzzling.
I showed my mom some pictures I had taken of the cake previously so she could see what the color was originally.  :)
Maybe it was a cake like 'the horse of a different color' in The Wizard of Oz; maybe everyday it would be a new color!  :)
I made the inside of the cake have an ombre effect, but with the now blue icing it didn't have quite the same effect.  Still  nice, just not the same matching look.  :)
Blue/Purple Ombre Rose Cake - View of Cake Inside

After we cut the cake you could see that the icing that was exposed to the air had changed colors, but the icing that was underneath and next to the cake, was still the original color.  Weird.  I mean I know that colors sometimes deepen or darken as they dry and stuff, but to change colors so completely was unexpected.  Oh well, my mom still liked the blue roses, and it made a fun conversation piece.  :)  And, well, now you get to see how this cake would look in purple and in blue, all in the same post.  :)

Blue/Purple Ombre Rose Cake - Slice of Cake

I originally saw a rose cake made with this technique on Domestic Sugar, and she said that she saw it on i am baker.  Amanda, from i am baker, created these rose cakes and makes them so beautifully.  She has lots of great variations, not to mention tons of other great things to check out on her site.  One of the best things is she has a step by step tutorial AND a video tutorial for this technique, which is great to actually see it being done.  This technique is easy but it has beautiful and elegant results!

More details to come... :)
Andrea - Animated Name
(I created my animated name at this site.)


  1. What a beautiful cake! How strange about the colour!


    1. Alison - Thank you! :) Yeah, I know, strange. :)



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