Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainbow Cookies - November 2008

I made these Care Bear themed rainbow cookies to put in the kids' goodie bags at my daughter, Carissa's, 4th birthday party.

Care Bear Rainbow Cookies 1

Care Bear Rainbow Cookies 2
Care Bear Rainbow Cookies 3
To make these rainbow cookies I mixed up some sugar cookie dough which I then separated into 3 sections.  I used food coloring to tint one ball of dough pink, one ball of dough yellow, and one ball of dough blue.  I set the yellow and blue aside for a bit and worked with the pink first.

I thinned the pink dough with some water to get a consistency that I could pipe the dough using a piping bag & decorating tip.  I used a medium sized round tip and piped the large pink arcs of the rainbows onto some parchment paper.  After I was done piping the pink arcs I thinned the yellow dough and piped the yellow arcs.  Then I did the same thing for the blue dough.  After all the rainbows were complete I baked the cookies.

I thought they looked pretty cute, and it was a neat alternative to painting them or using icing to get the different colors.

Below is a progression of piping the cookies, and the finished product once baked.  :)
Care Bear Rainbow Cookies - Piping Progression

[See the cake from this party in the next post!  :) ]
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  1. Very cute! My kids would love making these!

  2. Jamie - Thanks! Yeah, this would be great to make with kids!

  3. How cute! My kids will love these rainbow cookies!

    1. Crafty Mischief - Thanks! :) Yeah, they are fun cookies!

  4. CUTE!!! Just posted our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party...would LOVE for you to share this!

    1. Jill - Thanks! :) I linked the cookies up at the party! :)

  5. Very cute! No better way to celebrate St. Patricks Day than with tasty treats!



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