Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Easter Chick Cupcakes - March 2013

I made these cute little chick cupcakes for our Easter celebration with my family.  I saw them on a great site called Bird on a Cake last year and couldn't wait to make them.

Easter Chick Cupcakes - Close-Up Angled View

Easter Chick Cupcakes 1

Easter Chick Cupcakes - Close-Up View 1

Easter Chick Cupcakes - Close-Up View 2

Easter Chick Cupcakes 2

Easter Chick Cupcakes 3

Easter Chick Cupcakes - Close-Up Group

Easter Chick Cupcakes - Angled View

Easter Chick Cupcakes - Close-Up View 3

Easter Chick Cupcakes 4

To make these chicky cupcakes I followed a tutorial (with pictures) that Robin from Bird on a Cake has made.  The only thing I changed for my cupcakes was the tip that I used to make the wings.  I used a #3 round tip to pipe the wings on.  It's just how I decided to do it at the time, but I think I like the shape and height the wings that the original cupcakes have; so I think I would use the tip she did if I were to make them again (or make more layers with the #3 tip).
My family and I thought these were so adorable.  We also liked the little bit of crunch the sanding sugar give the cupcakes when you bite into them.  Cute, cute, cute!  :)
(Also, check out the deviled egg chicks that I made for Easter as well.)
Andrea - Animated Name

(I created my animated name at this site.)


  1. What a nice surprise! I saw the pic for your post and thought, "Those look like my chick cupcakes!". Great job!

    1. Robin - That's funny! :) Thanks! :) Yeah, they were a bit hit! Thanks for the great idea!



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