Friday, July 2, 2010

Ooo La La - Lingerie Shower - January 2008

I made this cake for my sister, Casandra's, lingerie shower.  I wanted something cute that would go along with the shower.  I thought this would be fun, but still be a little classy and elegant at the same time.  One of her wedding colors was periwinkle, so I made the lingerie to match.

Lingerie Shower Cake 1
Lingerie Shower Cake - Close-up of Cornelli Lace & Lace Trim 1
Lingerie Shower Cake - Close-up of Cornelli Lace & Lace Trim 2
Lingerie Shower Cake - Close-up of Cornelli Lace, Lace Trim & Hooks
Lingerie Shower Cake 2
Lingerie Shower Cake - Level View - Front
Lingerie Shower Cake - Level View - Back
Lingerie Shower Cake - Close-up of Cake Border
Lingerie Shower Cake 3

Lingerie Shower Cake - View of Cake InsideI made the cake in a Wilton 8-3/4" round Fanci-Fill pan.  It is two cake pans that are shaped in a way so it leaves space for a filling inside the cake.  After baking you put filling in the spaces, put the two halves together, and it should look something like the picture to the right.  I made the filling with whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and frozen raspberries (thawed).
The cake is iced with chocolate buttercream.  I used buttercream icing for the border around the bottom of the cake also.  I made the lingerie out of fondant.  I covered a tennis ball with foil, and then rolled the ball on the counter to make the foil smooth and compact.  I repeated this with another ball.  These were used to shape the fondant on to form the cups.  I let the fondant stay on the ball until it was dry.  Once the cups were dry I cut out all the other pieces that I needed and assembled them together on the cake.

I piped the cornelli lace design on the lingerie with buttercream icing.  For the loops of lace on the top edges of the lingerie I thickened the icing a little so that when I piped it on it would stand up off the top edge of the fondant and leave space in the middle of the loops to look like lace.  To make the hooks I used gray fondant with buttercream piped on the top of them.

I really loved how this cake turned out, and it was just perfect for the shower.  :)



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