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It's a Jungle Out There... Well at Least on This Cake - July 2008

I made this jungle animal cake for my daughter, Cara's, 9th birthday.  She was having an animal themed party so I showed her some different ideas I had, and this was the one that she liked the most.  Her favorite animal was a white tiger, so we made sure that would be one of the animals on the cake.  :)

Jungle Animal Cake 1
Junle Animal Cake - Back View
Jungle Animal Cake - Close-up Views of Elephant
Jungle Animal Cake - Close-up Views of Giraffe
Jungle Animal Cake 2
Jungle Animal Cake - Close-up Views of Hippo
Jungle Animal Cake - Close-up Views of White Tiger
Jungle Animal Cake with Zoo Pals Animal Plates & Cups
Zoo Pals plates and cups worked great with the theme.  :)
Jungle Animal Cake with Jungle Animal Candles
My mom found these cute jungle animal candles for Cara to blow out.
Jungle Animal Cake 3
For this cake I baked 3 cakes, a 10-inch round, an 8-inch round, and a 6-inch round.  When I stacked the cakes, instead of centering them right in the middle, I shifted them toward the back to give me some extra room in the front for the waterfall and animals (you can see what I mean if you look at the back view of the cake in the pictures above).

After I crumb coated the cakes and let them set, I used a food coloring marker to draw where my pond and waterfall would be.  I iced everywhere except where there would be water with buttercream icing I tinted green.

I tinted some buttercream blue and put it in the microwave until it had a thinner consistency, just thin enough to pour easily, but not super thin and runny.  I started at the top with the pond and poured the icing out to fill in the space for the water.  I continued to pour off the side and down slowly to let it flow down the cakes naturally.  After it was set just a little I poured over some spots again to fill in any spaces that were missed and make some more of the drippy water look.  I used a grass tip to pipe the grass around the bottom of each layer and all along the edges of the water.

I sculpted each of the animals using fondant and painted on the details with food coloring.  I would have liked to make more animals, but I didn't have enough time.  I liked all the animals on the cake, but I really liked the elephant squirting water from his trunk, it may have been my favorite.  :) 

I thought the cake turned out really cute, and everyone enjoyed it, especially Cara!  :)

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