Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Cake... Big Flame - June 2008

This is a little cake I made for my brother-in-law, Josh's, birthday.  (It was at the same party as Valerie's chocolate dots cake - see previous post Chocolate Dots.)  I had a little piece of cake (just about 3"x6") leftover from one of the teacher's cakes I did a couple days earlier [see this post and this post :) ], so I decided to make him something with it.  He likes soccer a lot, so I just piped on a quick soccer ball and some grass.  I used all chocolate though for something different.  Nothing spectacular, just something fun.  :)  The real fun came later though when we lit the candles [see the pictures below :) ].

[Just a side note, since you'll see this happen again in posts to come: Josh and Valerie's birthdays are really close together so they always celebrate them at the same time.  They, Josh and Valerie, say to just do a cake for Valerie and not anything for him, he's fine with it, and we usually don't need that much cake.  But I'll usually try to do something little for him or incorporate him in somehow.  :)
Okay, that's it, back to the cake.  :) ] 

Little Chocolate Cake

So, I thought that it would be funny to make Josh blow out all his candles on his cake. So, we proceeded to put all the candles close together in the middle of this little cake.
Little Chocolate Cake - Candles in and Ready to be Lit

We lit them and all the candles together made this huge flame! 
Little Chocolate Cake - Big Flame!
[Josh warming his hands by the fire.  :)
I like how the camera made it look like a beam of light was coming out of the top.  :) ]

After we sang 'Happy Birthday' and went to take the candles
off the cake, we saw that they had fused together!
Little Chocolate Cake - Candles Fused Together

As we took the candles off we also noticed that one candle that was in the middle of the pack didn't get lit [how that could have happened with that huge flame I don't know :) ], so... we made him do the whole thing again!  :)  You know, technically he didn't blow out all his candles.  :)  We all had a good laugh.
Andrea - Animated Name

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