Thursday, January 26, 2012

Basketball & Airplane Cookies - July & August 2010

I made these basketball cookies for my son, Caleb's, basketball team. 

Basketball Cookies

Basketball Cookies - Close-Up of Cookie
To make the basketball cookies I mixed the sugar cookie dough according the directions for cut-out cookies and added some orange food coloring while it was mixing.  I rolled out the dough and cut out the circles.  Then, I baked and cooled the cookies completely.  I used a paintbrushes that I use for cakes and some slightly diluted black food coloring to paint the lines on the basketballs.

Caleb and his team really liked the basketball cookies.  It was a fun treat after a good game!
After making the basketball cookies I had some leftover dough.  We were going to be flying on our vacation, so I decided to use my airplane cookie cutter to make these little plane cookies to take on our trip with us. 
Airplane Cookie

To make the airplane cookies, I just rolled out the dough, cut out the airplanes, baked them, and let them cool.

The kids thought they were cool, although by time we were going to eat them most had gotten broken from being in the carry-on bag.  Oh well, they still tasted yummy, and they were a nice treat to have on our layover.  :)
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