Monday, April 9, 2012

Away in a Manger... - December 2011

We made these 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' brownies to share at Christmas with our family.  My kids told me that they wanted to make something like a cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  It was brought up kind of at the last minute so I knew we wouldn't have time to do anything 'major', but they were really excited about it so I wanted to let them do something.  We decided to make brownies and let them pipe the drawings on with white icing.  This would be quick, but still lots of fun and something yummy they could share at our family dinner.

Christmas Nativity 'Happy Birthday Jesus' Brownies 1

We bought a box of fudge-y brownie mix, and made them according to the directions on the box.  The kids all decided what they wanted to put on the brownies, and after the brownies cooled completely they took turns piping on their ideas.  Cara started with the star, Caleb drew the angel (the one to the left of the star - for the picture further down that shows two angels), I piped the outline of the stable for them, and Carissa drew Baby Jesus in the manger.  Everyone added one more thing to the brownies; Cara drew Mary, Caleb drew Joseph, and Carissa drew the camel sticking its head in from outside.  :)  I wrote 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' on the front side of the brownies.

Christmas Nativity 'Happy Birthday Jesus' Brownies 2

Ronnie came home while we were finishing up, and the kids wanted him to contribute to the creation also.  So, he drew the angel to the right of the star [I thought I got some close-up pictures of the brownies after Ronnie drew the angel, but they are nowhere to be found.  So there is just a not-so-great-quality-picture-that-was-taken-from-far-away below.  :( ]

Christmas Nativity 'Happy Birthday Jesus' Brownies 3

The kids (and Ronnie and me) really enjoyed getting to make these brownies, and I loved watching them and their creativity while they worked on them.  :)  Oh, and they were yummy, too!  :)
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