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Homemade Christmas Cookies - December 2013

My son's band was doing a Christmas cookie sale at one of their concerts.  I made the music note cookies (and some of the circle ones) for the fundraiser, and then I used some of the extra cookie dough to make some Christmas cookies for home.

Homemade Christmas Cookies 1

To make the cookies I just followed a recipe for cut-out sugar cookies.  After the dough was mixed, I separated it into two bowls.  I used green food coloring to make the dough in one bowl green, and I used red food coloring for the other.

Homemade Christmas Cookies - Making Green & Red Striped Dough

For the music note cookies I took red and green cookie dough and rolled them into fat snakes.  Then, alternating the colors, I put them together and rolled them out into a long strip.  I used a music note cutter to cut the notes out of the striped dough.  

Homemade Christmas Cookies for Band - Music Note Close-Up

After I got all the notes I could cut out of my striped dough, I gathered it up and rolled it out again.  The  notes on the top row (below) were cut from that dough, and they had more of a marbled look.  I also cut out some circles and stars to finish getting our amount of cookies we needed to bring.

Homemade Music Note Christmas Cookies for Band

The cookies below are what I made with the remaining dough.  I used some cutters and did some freehand.  For some (like the wreath) I treated the cookie dough like Play-Doh, rolling it into balls or snakes to make the various cookies or cookie parts.


Homemade Christmas Cookies - Wreath, Poinsettia, Tree, Present, Holly Berries - Before Baking


Homemade Christmas Cookies - Wreath, Poinsettia, Tree, Present, Holly Berries - After Baking

For the candy cane cookies below I made a long snake of red and a long snake of green, twisted them together, and then formed the twist into the shape of a candy cane.


Homemade Christmas Cookies - Before Baking


Homemade Candy Cane Christmas Cookies - After Baking

Homemade Christmas Cookies - After Baking

Homemade Christmas Cookies 2

Merry Christmas!
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