Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Music Note Cake Balls - January 2014

My son's band was having a cake ball sale; so I made these music themed cake balls to donate to it.

Music Note Cake Balls - Close Up 1

Music Note Cake Balls 1

Music Note Cake Balls - Single Close Up

Music Note Cake Balls 2

Music Note Cake Balls - Close Up 2

I used black candy melts to pipe the music notes out on to parchment paper.  I let them harden and they were ready when I needed them to decorate the cake balls.

To make the basic cake balls I followed Bakerella's instructions.  You can find them here.

Right after dipping the cake balls I sprinkled some yellow sanding sugar sprinkles on top, and then placed a music note on top standing straight up.  You have to be ready and work quickly so the chocolate doesn't harden before you get everything on it.  I had to hold the music note in place until the chocolate hardened enough to hold it upright on its own (a couple ended up a little crooked :/).  I had to be careful when handling the music notes as the stems were a bit fragile.  I had a couple snap, but thankfully I was able to repair them or replace them with extras I had made.

I thought the cake balls turned out very nicely, and the bake sale was a success!  Yay!  :)
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