Monday, September 21, 2009

Butterflies and Flowers - June 2005

I made this butterfly cake and this flower cake for my daughter, Cara's, 6th birthday.  Her party theme was butterflies and flowers.  

Blue Butterfly Cake

Pink Flower Cake with Butterfly Cookies

Blue Butterfly Cake and Pink Flower Cake Together

The butterfly cake is just a round cake that I cut in half and put the rounded edges together in the middle.  Then I iced it with buttercream and piped the body and antennae in between the two halves.  The flower cake was a round cake that I cut into the shape of a flower.  Then I iced it with buttercream to make it look like a flower.  The two little butterflies on the flower cake are sugar cookies decorated with food coloring that I asked my mom if she could make to help me out.  We put bigger butterfly cookies in the goodie bags decorated the same way as the small ones.  My mom also wrote the words on the butterfly cake for me.

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