Friday, October 2, 2009

A Blue's Clues Cupcake House - November 2005

This little Blue's Clues House cake was made for my daughter, Carissa, for her 1st birthday [well a little after :) ].

Blue's Clues Cupcake House
I was going to make this Blue's Clues house to be at Carissa's birthday party along with her Blue cake [see the We Are Looking for Blue's Clue's... post], but I ran out of time.  So a couple days after the party I decided I'd still make it since I already had the cupcakes made.  It is made out of 3 of my triangle cupcakes [see the From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly post for triangle cupcake explanation :) ], two forming the square [well squarish shape :) ] of the house and one for the roof.  Originally I was going to make it standing up, but by the time I made it I figured she would like it just as much laying on a plate... and she did.  :)

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