Friday, October 2, 2009

We are looking for Blue's Clues... - November 2005

I made this 3D Blue's Clues cake for my daughter, Carissa's, 1st birthday.

3D Blue's Clues Cake Side 1

3D Blue's Clues Cake Side 2
3D Blue's Clues Cake Face
3D Blue's Clues Cake - Overhead View
All of Blue is made out of cake iced in buttercream with the exception of 2 little clementine oranges that are supporting the bottom of the ears.  The thin pieces of cake I had made for the ears didn't want to stay in place, and I had a bowl of clementine oranges sitting on the counter, so I washed two of them and put one behind the bottom of each ear to support them.  That got them to stay up so I figured I'd just ice over the clementine oranges too since the ears were now staying put.  :)

The head was a cake baked in a batter bowl, and the body was a cake baked in a large glass measuring cup.  The nose was one of my triangle cupcakes (see the From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly post for triangle cupcake explanation) that I shaped to look like Blue's nose.  The feet were regular cupcakes turned upside down.

Carissa loved having a cake that looked like Blue!

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