Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus - December 2005

This is a cake the kids and I made for our family get together at Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake view 1
Happy Birthday Jesus Cake view 2

One time when we were younger my mom made a cake with us at Christmas as a birthday cake for Jesus.  We wrote 'Happy Birthday Jesus' on the cake.  So, I thought that would be fun to do with the kids.

We made a cake and decided to decorate it by drawing a nativity scene on the cake with icing.  We ended up having less time to decorate it than I thought so it's not the best artistry, but it didn't matter to the kids, the meaning still came through.  :)  So, I put on a stable and manger with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and we put a star in the sky.  Then I thought I'd let each kid decide one thing to put on the cake.  Cara wanted the angel, Carissa was just one year old so I gave her some choices and she wanted the lamb, and Caleb wanted... Scooby Doo!  :)  He was SO excited about it.  I thought, sure, why not, and piped him on the cake (after a brief discussion about Scooby Doo not really being there that night, although a dog may have been).  :)

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