Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holy Cake and Ice Cream, Batman! - July 2007

I made these Robin themed cakes for my daughter, Cara's, 8th birthday.  Robin was her favorite superhero, so she had a Robin themed party.

Robin Climbing Building Cake 1
Robin Logo Cake
Robin Climbing Building Cake - Close-up
Robin Climbing Building Cake - Side ViewRobin Climbing Building Cake 2
Robin Logo Cake - Overhead View
Robin Climbing Building Cake - Back ViewRobin Climbing Building Cake 3

Robin Climbing Building Cake - Candles Lit
Help!  Robin!  The building is on fire!  :)
Robin Climbing Building Cake and Robin Logo Cake TogetherRobin Logo Cake and Robin Climbing Building Cake Together - Overhead View
For the building I baked a 15x15 cake and cut it into 9 sections.  Then I stacked the sections on top each other.  I iced the building with buttercream icing tinted gray.  I used yellow fondant for the windows and outlined everything to give it that cartoon/comic book look. 

The only non edible things on the cake are the metal wire that Robin's bat line is connected to (it runs through the cake and is attached to the underside of the board) and the bat line, which is just a piece of black elastic cording that I had leftover from making Robin masks for the kids at the party.

Robin is made out of fondant.  Yes, I know he looks a little LEGOish with the yellow skin and all.  I used some leftover yellow fondant from the windows to make him and then painted it with food coloring.  I think I thought painting over it with a little orange would make it look a little more peach and not so yellow, but it didn't work so well.  :)  My original plan was to have Joker on top of the building and a person that he captured and tied up, but I ran out of time (hence the yellow Robin :) ).  Just pretend Joker and the person he captured are inside the building.  :)

Robin Superhero Cookies
Robin Superhero Cookie Close-up
I made these Robin cookies to put in the kids' goodie bags.  I used a gingerbread boy cutter to get the shape.  After they baked I painted them with food coloring and/or a food coloring pen to make it look like Robin.  The cape is made out of yellow Fruit Roll-Up.  I had seen some Superman cookies like this online that someone had made back when I was looking for stuff for Caleb's Superman party (see the It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman! post).  I thought they were so cute.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make them for Caleb's party, but when Cara wanted a Robin party I realized they could work for Robin too.

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