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A Spot of Tea and a Cup of Joe - June 2008

This is the tea mug cake and the coffee mug cake that I made for Cara's 3rd grade teachers at the end of the year.  (In third grade they had a homeroom teacher who taught the class certain subjects, but then the class would switch and go to another teacher's classroom who would teach them the other subjects.)  Earlier in the year we asked them to tell us some things about themselves.  Her homeroom teacher said that one of her favorite things was tea so I made the tea mug cake for her, and every student who had Cara's 'switch teacher' knew that she LOVES coffee so I made the coffee mug cake for her.

Tea Mug and Coffee Mug Cakes 1
These are the pictures of the tea mug.
Tea Mug Cake
Tea Mug Cake - Overhead View
Tea Mug Cake - Side View
Tea Mug Cake - Close-up of Apple
These are the pictures of the coffee mug.
Coffee Mug Cake
Coffee Mug Cake - Overhead View
Coffee Mug Cake - Side View
Coffee Mug Cake - Close-up of Apple
Tea Mug and Coffee Mug Cakes 2
To make these cakes I cut large circles out of the middle of the cakes that I baked and stacked them to make the height of the mugs that I wanted.  (I should have doweled the cakes to keep the layers secured together better, but at the time I didn't.)  After the cakes were stacked I crumb coated the mugs and let them set.

Then I did my top coat of icing, but for some reason it didn't coat well and ended up being very bumpy looking.  It was like the icing went on so thin that you could see all the bumps of the cake underneath and you could see shadow like spots where the darkness of the chocolate cake was coming through more.  It did not look very nice, definitely not like the look of a ceramic mug [you know, unless someone molded the mug in the dark... sitting in the back of a truck... while traveling on a bumpy road :) ].  So, I decided to get more buttercream icing and go over it with another top coat.  Still not exactly like I wanted, but it was miles better than what I had before, and it looked pretty nice.  I piped a thick line on the top of the lip of the mug and blended it into the icing on the sides.  This would give me a well to pour the 'tea/coffee' into.

I mixed a little bit of vanilla and chocolate icing together to get the light brown color that would be the tea.  For the coffee I just used plain chocolate icing.  I heated both up in the microwave for a bit to make the icing a thinner consistency so I could just pour the buttercream onto the top of the mug and get a smooth finish.

The handle and the apple I made out of fondant.  Then I piped the words onto the mugs.  On one side I wrote "We love" and then put the teacher's name.  On the other side I wrote "A+ Teacher", and in between those on the opposite side of the handle I drew a picture of an apple.

The teachers really liked their cakes!  :)
Andrea - Animated Name

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