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Chocolate Dots - June 2008

I made this chocolate cake for my sister, Valerie's, birthday.  After tasting my other sister, Casandra's, lingerie shower cake a few months before (see the Ooo La La - Lingerie Shower post), Valerie said that she wanted the same flavor for her birthday.  So, this is a chocolate cake made in the Fanci-Fill pan, topped with chocolate buttercream icing, and filled with the chocolate raspberry mousse-like filling that the lingerie shower cake had.

Chocolate Dots Cake 1
Chocolate Dots Cake 2
Chocolate Dots Cake - Overhead View
After the cake was baked, filled, stacked, crumb coated, and iced I piped the dots on the sides and top of the cake.  I used a few different sized round tips so I could have some dots bigger than others.  I wanted the dots to just look randomly placed with no real pattern to them, which I think I achieved on the sides of the cake.  When I did the top of the cake though and made the dots go in towards the middle of the circle I unknowingly made it look like the negative space was a flower, I guess not so random as I thought.  :)

After the dots were piped on the cake I let them set a little and then went around to each and lightly tapped down the little peak that was left [before that it kind of looked porcupine-ish :) ].  I used the large round tip to make dots around the base of the cake with a little space in between each.  My original plan was to paint the dots silver, but I had the wrong kind of silver dust.  I tested a couple just making them shimmery silver, but you couldn't really see it, and I realized I liked the way it looked all chocolate anyway.  :)

Now, unfortunately when I was making the filling something did not go the same.  I don't know if the ratio of pudding to whipped cream was off or if I mixed it too much or what, but when we cut into the cake the filling was very soupy :( .  It still tasted good, it just wasn't as pretty when cut into, and it was messy.

Valerie really liked the cake and didn't even mind the runny filling, what a great sister!  :)
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