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It's a Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone... Cake - October 2008

I made this cake for my husband, Ronnie's, birthday.  He loves Marble Slab ice cream, namely vanilla with chocolate chips in a waffle cone... well... that's really all he gets.  :)  So, he mentioned it would be cool to have an ice cream cake for his birthday.  I thought 'I can do that', and this is what I came up with.

Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone - Cake - Level View

Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone - Cake - View of Top of Cake
Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone - Cake
Below are some pictures of the inside of the cake.
Deconstructed Ice Cream - Cake - Inside of the Cake 1
Deconstructed Ice Cream - Cake - Inside of the Cake 2
Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone - Cake - Inside of the Cake 3
I baked the chocolate cake in a Fanci Fill pan (for an explanation of what the pan is see the Ooo La La - Lingerie Shower post).  After the cake cooled completely I filled the middle spaces with ice cream.  Now I knew that not any ice cream would do, it had to be Marble Slab Vanilla ice cream.  So, I had gone to Marble Slab and picked up a quart to use in the cake [I didn't use the whole quart, we had some leftover - Happy Birthday to Ronnie! :) ].  After filling the cake with the ice cream I put a little icing on top one half (not over the ice cream though) and stacked the two halves together.  Then I put the cake in the freezer to let the ice cream set again.

While the cake was in the freezer I prepared my cake board.  Now, I wanted the cake to be like an ice cream cone taken apart and meshed with a cake, so I wanted to incorporate the waffle cone somehow.  When I had called Marble Slab about buying the ice cream I also asked about buying some cones, but I asked if they could make me a couple of them that weren't shaped yet.  It would be just a flat waffle cone circle.  They said sure and told me I could pick them up the next day because they make their cones in the morning.  Yippee.  :)  So, I took one of the flat waffle cones and placed it on the cake board.  I wish it would have been a little bigger in diameter so it would've stuck out from under the cake a little more [it was pretty much the same diameter of the cake once the icing was on :) ], but I think it still looked good.  After a while I took the cake out of the freezer and put the cake on top of the flat waffle cone.  The cone wasn't perfectly flat, it bowed some, so when I put the (heavy) cake on top of it I heard the cone crack.  Oh well, good thing that part of the cone didn't have to look nice.  :)  I crumb coated the cake with buttercream icing and put it back in the freezer to let it set.

After a bit I took the cake out and put a good top coat of buttercream icing on it.  For the top of the cake I took a spoon and used the back to swirl around on the icing to make it look a little 'wavy' and a little fancier.  Then I got some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and patted them onto the icing on the sides of the cake.  I put the cake back in the freezer until it was time to go to the restaurant for the party a little later that evening.

So, there you have it a Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone - Cake.  :)

I thought the cake turned out really nicely.  It kind of had an elegant look to it I thought.  Oh, but after being frozen this cake was very hard to cut into.  My family quietly waited had a really good laugh watching me try to slice this cake :) [I'm sure I didn't look so elegant :) ].  After slicing the first piece to give to Ronnie, I let him finish cutting the rest - you know, so we could all get a slice of cake before the restaurant closed.  :)

Ronnie really liked the cake, and he especially liked the fact that the ice cream was from Marble Slab.  :)
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