Friday, September 9, 2011

Christmas Ornament Cookies - December 2009

I made these Christmas ornament cookies for my son, Caleb's, 2nd grade class's Winter Party.

Christmas Ornament Cookies 1

Christmas Ornament Cookies - Close-up Group 1

Christmas Ornament Cookies - Close-up Group 2
Christmas Ornament Cookies - Close-up Caleb's Ornament Cookie
Christmas Ornament Cookies 2
Christmas Ornament Cookies - Close-up Group 3
Christmas Ornament Cookies - Close-up Group 4
Christmas Ornament Cookies 3
For these cookies I started by mixing up some sugar cookie dough using the directions for cut-out cookies.  I added in some green food coloring while mixing the dough to get the base color for the cookies.  Then I rolled out my cookie dough.  I didn't have an ornament shaped cookie cutter so I used a circle one to cut out the round part of the ornament.  Then I pinched off pieces of dough from the excess, pressed them onto the circle ornaments, and shaped them to look like the ornament tops.

After I baked the cookies and let them cool completely, I piped the outline of the ornament on with vanilla buttercream icing in a piping bag.  Next, I piped the lines that would be above and below the names and filled in the ornament tops.  Then I piped on the names.  I count the number of letters in a name, figure out which is the center letter, then start with that letter in the center of my space.  That way my names or words (usually) come out nice and centered and I don't run out of room.  :)  After finishing the names, I piped some cornelli lace in the big spaces above and below the names.  I piped it on using a thinner tip than I used for the outline to give it more of a delicate look.

I really loved how these cookies turned out.  Caleb was very excited to be able to share them with his class and teachers (we made ornament cookies with the teachers' names on them too).  Everyone loved them, and they especially thought it was cool to have their name on the cookie.  :)
Andrea - Animated Name

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  1. what in the heck! how did you do all that detailing?! you are talented. Thanks for commenting on my site so I could see yours!

    Mandy @

  2. Mandy - Thanks! A piping bag, icing, and patience. :) Thanks for checking out the site!



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