Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apple Cake Featured :)

My apple cake that I made for my daughter, Cara's, 2nd grade teacher was featured on Chocolate, Drool and Kisses!  :)

Apple CakeChocolate Drool and Kisses
Crystal over at Chocolate, Drool and Kisses hosts a 'Sharing Monday' Link Up Party on her blog every... well... Monday.  :)  You can post a link to one of your crafts, recipes, creations, etc. for others to browse through and look at. The following week she highlights a few of her favorties from the previous party. Recently, I posted a link to the apple cake that I made, and I was honored to see it highlighted the following week! Thanks, Crystal! You can check out Crystal's post that includes the cake here.  You can also check out my original post for the apple cake here! :)
Andrea - Animated Name


  1. HI Andrea, thank you for entering my giveaway. Iam now your new follower.


  2. Docerela - Thanks for offering the giveaway, I love Bakerella & her creations too, so cute! Thanks for visiting my site and following! :)

  3. Hi Andrea! This is SO cute!! Following back. :)
    Tomorrow is actually World Teacher's Day - how cute would this be for some teacher's in their break room?? Love it!

  4. Keeley - Thanks! :) Also, thanks for following back! :) I didn't know it was World Teacher's Day tomorrow. That's one nice thing about this cake, there are many different events you could use it for. :)



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