Saturday, February 11, 2012

Easter Egg Cookies - April 2011

I made these Easter egg cookies for my daughter, Carissa, to share with her Kindergarten class at their Spring Party.

Easter Egg Cookies

Easter Egg Cookies - Close-Up Angled View
To make these Easter egg cookies I followed the directions for making cut-out cookies on the sugar cookie mix.  I rolled out my dough, cut the cookies out using an egg shaped cookie cutter, baked them, and let them cool completely.  Next I tinted some vanilla buttercream icing pink in one bowl and blue in another bowl.  I heated the bowl with the pink icing up for about 10 seconds, just enough to thin the consistency of the icing a little.  Then I dipped some of the cookies in the icing to coat the top side of the cookie.  I set them on parchment paper to dry and repeated the same thing for the other cookies in the blue icing.  I used blue for the boys in the class and pink for the girls in the class.  Then I put a little blue icing (not what was heated up) in a piping bag and piped the blue lines on the pink cookies.  I repeated the same thing with the other icing colors to make the pink and yellow lines and the white dots.  Then I used some white icing to pipe the names on the cookies.

I thought they turned out cute, and the kids loved them!  They liked eating a cookie with their name on it.  [We also made one for the teacher, she liked hers too.  :)]
Andrea - Animated Name
(I created my animated name at this site.)

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  1. so cute! How fun, they almost look too cute to eat...almost ;)New follower..

    1. Amy - Thanks! :) Thank you also for following my blog! :)

  2. These are so pretty, and the names are a great addition!

    1. Trisha - Thanks! :) Yeah, the kids liked the names too.

  3. Stopping by from Fun Stuff Fridays!

    1. Justine - Thanks for stopping by! :) And thank you for following my blog too! :)



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