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Viking Helmet Mini Cakes - April 2011

I made these viking helmet mini cakes for my son, Caleb, to share with his 3rd grade class on his birthday.  He had a How to Train Your Dragon birthday party, so we thought this would be cute to go along with his theme (see the post Night Fury!!! to view the cake).

How to Train Your Dragon Viking Helmet Mini Cakes - Close-Up 1

How to Train Your Dragon Viking Helmet Mini Cakes - Angled View

How to Train Your Dragon Viking Helmet Mini Cakes 1

How to Train Your Dragon Viking Helmet Mini Cakes - Close-Up 2

How to Train Your Dragon Viking Helmet Mini Cakes - Close-Up 3

How to Train Your Dragon Viking Helmet Mini Cakes 2

I used a mini wonder mold pan to bake these mini cakes in.  I didn't fill them up very much, about as much batter as you would use to make a regular-sized cupcake.  You might have to experiment with the amount to get the size you want, I happened to get the size I wanted on the first try, yay!  :)

After the mini cakes were baked and completely cooled it was time for the icing.  I tinted some vanilla buttercream icing a dark gray and then put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds, just enough to get a dipping consistency, but not too runny.  I dipped the mini cakes in the icing and set them aside so the icing could set (this was a bit messy).

After the icing was set I piped the flat lines around the base of the helmets and the ones that go down the center.  I used a flat tip for this, like one you would use for a ribbon.  On one of the helmets I piped some rounded dots on top the flat lines and thin lines running along the edges of the flat lines (both of these things were done with a small round tip).  (If I was doing this again I would tint the icing that I used a light gray instead of keeping it white.  I think it would have made the next step a little better.)

After the piped lines had set I got some silver Wilton pearl dust and mixed it with a little lemon juice.  Then I painted the silver onto the piped lines to make them look metallic.  I think I would've had to spend a little less time on this if the icing had been tinted a light gray (as mentioned above) instead of just being white.  I think I would have to use a little less since it would be accenting a similar color instead of trying to cover a totally contrasting color.  A missed or thinner spot may not have been so noticeable as it was with the white underneath.

The last thing was to make the horns.  To do this I got white fondant and mixed just a bit of brown food coloring in to make a more cream-ish color.  I pinched a bit off, rolled it into a little ball, and then made it into the shape of the horn.  I let them dry some so that they'd keep their shape.  Then I inserted them into the cake where I wanted them.  I ended up having to carve out just a bit of the cake where they were going to be so that they would stay in and not fall.  If I had more time I may have embellished a bit around the horns either making it look like fur tufts or just a line of the dark gray or silver to secure it better and to hide the rough edges of the hole.

Caleb and his class really enjoyed these mini cakes!  :)

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  1. Can you give more information about how you made these mini cakes especially the horns.

    1. Christine - Thanks for the question. I updated this post to include some information on making these mini cakes. I think I got everything, but if you have any more questions please let me know. :)



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