Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teacher's Apple Cake Featured! :)

The 3D apple cake that I made for my daughter, Cara's, 2nd grade teacher was featured on The Blackberry Vine!

Tuesday To Do FEatured
Every Tuesday Jami over at the The Blackberry Vine host her Tuesday To Do Party.  You can post a link to one of your crafts, recipes, creations, etc. for others to browse through and look at (and there are plenty of great ideas to look through yourself). The following week she posts her Tuesday To Do List which are some of her favorites from the previous week's party.  Awhile back I posted a link to the apple cake that I made, and I was honored to see it featured the following week! Thanks, Jami! You can check out Jami's post that includes the cake here. You can also check out my original post for the apple cake here! :)

(I created my animated name at this site.)

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