Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pink Heart Cake Balls - February 2014

I made these cake balls for a good friend whose grandfather had passed away.

Pink Heart Cake Balls - One Heart Filled

To make the basic cake balls I followed Bakerella's instructions.  You can find them here.

Pink Heart Cake Balls 1

Pink Heart Cake Balls - Individual Cake Ball Close-Up

I used a #3 round tip to pipe pink candy melts onto parchment paper in heart shapes.  I filled a few of them in, but most were just the outline.  I let them harden and set so they were ready when I started dipping the cake balls.  

Pink Heart Cake Balls - Prepped & Ready to DipReady to dip!

Pink Heart Cake Balls - Angled Group View

Pink Heart Cake Balls - Three Hearts Filled

Right after dipping the cake ball I placed a pink heart on top.  If it starts to slide a little just hold it in place for a second.  Have your decorations ready and be quick so you get them placed before the chocolate hardens; it looks nicer that way.  If you don't get it on in time though you can dot a little chocolate on top the cake ball and attach it that way.

Pink Heart Cake Balls - Close-Up

Pink Heart Cake Balls - Set with Hearts Standing Up & Differently Decorated
Here are a few extras that I decorated differently.

For the cake balls in the picture above I had to hold the hearts in place until the chocolate hardened enough to hold them upright on their own.

Pink Heart Cake Balls 2
Andrea - Animated Name

(I created my animated name at this site.)

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