Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Horse Cupcakes - May 2007

For my daughter, Cara's, celebration of her birthday with her class in 2nd grade I made her these horse cupcakes.

Horse Cupcakes 1

Horse Cupcakes 2
Horse Cupcakes 3
Horse Cupcakes - Four Together
Horse Cupcakes - Close-up 1
Horse Cupcakes - Close-up 2
My sister, Casandra, had given me a magazine that had the idea in it awhile before, but by time I was going to make them I had misplaced the magazine (I think the magazine was Woman's World.).  Luckily I had already looked at it so I remembered the basics of what they used to make them. 

After I baked, cooled, and iced the cupcakes I put a peppermint patty on top and iced it for the nose.  I used Bugles (iced over) for the ears.  I started out spreading the icing on the Bugles with a knife, but then I think I switched to dipping them in the icing (heated a little in the microwave to thin) to make it easier.  Next I piped on two white ovals and put M&Ms on each for the eyes.  I piped on the nostrils and mouth; then I piped on the little diamond-y shape on the top of the nose.  I used a star tip to pipe the mane.  I put some brown icing stripes along the insides of my piping bag before I put in the white icing, so when it was piped out it would have both colors in the mane.  All the icing I used was vanilla, just tinted with food coloring to make it the various colors, but you could use chocolate if you wanted to.

Cara, her class, and her teacher all really liked the cupcakes!  :)

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